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1970 Benson, Eric B  E-mail:   (Added 09/93)

1970 Boyd, Margaret  E-mail:   (Added 09/93)

1970 Chestnut, Robert A  E-mail:   (Updated 10/02)

1970 Daniels, Mary Jane (Erickson)  E-mail:   (Updated 09/93)

1970 Faill, Jon : E-mail:   (Updated 01/02)

1970 Fankhauser, Karen “Tobi” Attended 66-70 E-mail: (added 03/02)

1970 Fisher, Linda (Hill)  E-mail: (Updated 08/99)

1970 Gandee, Steve  E-mail: (added 11/01)

1970 MacDonnell, Richard  E-mail:   (added 03/99)

1970 Mendonsa, Carmen (Donahue) (attended __-__) E-mail:     (added 10/99)

(added 05/01)

1970 Myers, Sharon  (Bradley) (attended 68-70) E-mail:

1970 Perna, Leonard (attended 68-70) E-mail: (added 08/21/02)

Mailing Address 3808 Crestridge Dr Farmington, NM 87401 Home Phone 505-327-2127 Spouse: Peggy Children: Christa & Jordan

1970 Whiteley, Charles “Chip” (attended 66-68) E-mail:   (added 10/00)
“Was at MAHS for my freshman and sophmore years.  I was staioned at Worms.  Would appreciate hearing from any classmates that remember me.”

1970 Windsor, Thomas “Tom”  (attended 67-68)  E-mail: (added 03/01)
“Hello all.  As a bit of an update, I left Germany for a short stay (1.5 yrs) in NJ before leaving to attend college (1970) in Kansas.  Wanted to get far away (to grow up and it was the 70’s) plus it was the best scholarship.  Parents moved to Florida while I was gone (yes, they left a forwarding address). Summers were spent in Maryland, NJ and Kansas .  . . enjoying Florida came later.  Studied Chemistry and my first job was in a lab at KU Med Center but soon discovered that was not for me.  I spent the next six years in retail starting with Macy’s and ending with VW of America.  For family health considerations requiring a very flexible schedule, in 1982 I entered Professional Recruiting.  I now live in a Southern Suburb of Kansas City and run my own Executive and Technical Search Firm.  My Church, serving Him, and growth through my daily walk are keys in my life.  I have one beautiful 16 year old daughter now in Florida.  Duchess is my loyal dog who runs things on a day to day basis.”